Getting Certified: AWS Solutions Architect (Associate)

As a researcher on cloud computing (and how to implement AI solutions on the cloud), I have been exploring the Amazon Web Services Platform. The beauty of the platform is the ease of use and the beautiful UI. You can use the web interface to deploy lots of services without the need to code or … Read more

Speaking on Cloud Computing at Nerd Nite Tokyo

When Amanda, one of the organizers of Nerd Nite Tokyo invited me to speak at one of their events on February 7th, I had no idea what I would talk about. I couldn’t talk about my current research because of intellectual property issues and all that. I didn’t want to talk about my PhD research, … Read more

Converting Audio to Text via Google Speech-To-Text API

A few months ago, I did a podcast interview with Cliff and Buddha of Raw Urban Mobile. You can listen to the podcast here. When I posted the interview, one of my friends who’s lost her hearing told me she needed captions. I thought I might speed up transcribing the post if I used some … Read more