GSU Policemen Brutally Beat Man For Stealing A Cow

The video below was aired by NTV last night, that’s where I first watched it.

Watching this video made my blood boil. Is it any wonder Kenyans still fear the police and regard them with total suspicion? Is this the punishment a boy deserves for stealing a cow? It’s just so sadistic for these cops who are supposed to serve and protect us are the same ones who go will might dispatch you to the other side. What will prevent this boy from getting back at the cops if given the chance?!

We should make sure these police officers face the law! A press statement promising investigation just won’t cut it!! We need a timeline, we need action! The sad part is there may be many more cases like these that go unreported! It’s not always that we will have someone there recording and uploading such incidents! With the new constitution, we demand transparency from the government and its agencies.

If you hadn’t watched the video, you can do so below.

Warning: This Video is Horrible to Watch!