BAKE September- Bloggers Happy Hour

The Bloggers Association of Kenya, BAKE, usually organizes monthly meetups where bloggers and readers meet to network, have fun, etc.

This September, the meet-up will be on Friday September 9th, at Secrets Lounge, from 6pm onwards!

I hope to see you all there!

P.S. I attended BAKE August edition, but I didn’t stay long. A lot of issues were discussed, problems ironed out, solutions proposed… everything possible to see us all move ahead with the BAKE organization. Any questions you have, ask!

BAKE Happy Hour

Bake was awesome. I arrived fashionably late.. say an hour late. The traffic from Strathmore to town was horrible. I was with cool classmate Seth, a very good coder. He’s ever made it to the finals of the Microsoft Imagine Cup competition. If you don’t believe me, ask Google.

When we got to KPz it was a full house. I knew like 80% of the attendees!

Martin Gicheru greeted me with a hug.. and introduced me to Enoch whom he works with @techweez. Seated next to them was Cdooh.

I first met Cdooh back in 2010 at the Microsoft imagine cup. He says I inspired him to start blogging, I know he’s doing his best. He’s a techie to be, studying software Eng? @Maseno. Read his blog here. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to catch up with him, I didn’t even know when he left!

I said hi to @ifortknox . Also got some catching up to do with this guy but where is the time!

Turning to my right I saw Coder Idd Salim with baby-soft styled hair. He says he got his hair made specifically for #bake. Okay he didn’t say that but was it a coincidence? I think it made him look 17!

Some of the BAKE attendees who'd come there earlier. Eish.. is that soda people were drinking ama it's Tru Blood? Just look at their eyes.. vampires 🙂 Btw, the pic has been 'borrowed' from Robert Alai's twitpics. Click on the image to see the full version. The lady in purple is Vivacious, the one on her right is none other than LjamYoung!

Next to him was Dennis Kioko from CIO Africa. You gotta check out that magazine if you’re serious about “technology, business, leadership”. We had a lot to talk about and the ladies seated on either side of him didn’t look er.. too happy 😉 so I got introduced to them. Aki I forget names!! But I haven’t forgotten your beautiful faces!

I went round the place, saying hi to UrbaneKenyan– he looks buheri wa afya in case you are wondering. Wiselar and Robert Alai were having a heart to heart so I left them to it after a quick hello.

Got introdiced to Nittzsah, I love the way she writes. In another life I would’ve written like her!

I’d met Binti M last year and it was definitely good to see her again. She says when she first met me she thought id be tall and skinny … most people think that. Anybody know of a lengthening and slimming remedy?

Banks, the ever cool banker, was already there. You just gotta love this guy, last I checked.his blog was ranked #1 in Kenya. I said last I checked so don’t bring your stats now 😉

Guess who was a judge at the Microsoft imagine cup where I met Cdoh? Roomthinker himself! His blog is hilarity redefined … he was quite jovial that evening, drinking something brown looking but for all intents and purposes claims it was Soda. Sprite to be precise.

Wanjiku then came and once she introduced herself I was like “oooh aaahh you’re the Wanjiku! ” and when I introduced myself she was like “aaaah you’re Savvy! “. Roomthinker looked a bit jealous because I had not gone like “oooooh you’re the roomthinker” he he

For someone who claimed to be high on oxygen, she was hyper. She refused to share her source of Highness though 😉

Ngeny was around.. hadn’t seen him since last year and I always consult him with blog issues. He’s the one who hooked me up with a link to the Rwanda internship fyi.

I checked my tweets and saw @pitzevans had arrived. I love the beauty of his words, even when you don’t understand what he’s talking about you have to read. I had a long talk with him.. he knows his martial arts, don’t mess with him ..

Startup Kenya walked in with a beautiful Annabelle by his side. I remember her name because I asked her twice and promised I’d not forget it! I’m always smiling whenever I’m chatting with this entrepreneur!

Mwirigi too was here.. if you must know he’s the biggest Nokia and car fan I know. He led me across the room to where some Nokia PR ladies sat.. it was a pleasure meeting them. I asked them about hooking me up with a Nokia so I can test n review Ovi apps .. compare n contrast with Android.

Kahenya, Kachwanya and Collins the lawyer were in the house. We were in the presence of Kenya’s best! Collins is he of A Nairobian’s Perspective blog.. check it out. His companion was one beautiful lady who didn’t talk much.. I hope we didn’t bore her 🙂 some of us are always on the talk talk

Archer Mishale was off ladies that night.. but he claims that doesn’t mean he’s now into men. Hmmm.. it was the first time I was meeting him even though I’ve been reading his blog since 2007!

Mark Kaigwa sauntered in and went round the place doing salutations …

Kachwanya, the current chairman of bake calmed guys down, asked for lights to be turned up and requested Collins to brief us on some bake legal issues. I was seated nearby so I’m one of the few who heard what’s going on. Get some info here (Wanjiku’s blog ) and ask any queries in the comments section.

As Collins talked I espied Anyiko (KBC Grapevine) and Jacque Ndinda who’d just come in and waved at them.

After Collins had talked, there were introductions to be made. Mwirigi took the role of loudspeaker .. you say your name he amplifies it and repeats it across the crowded room.. Blogs_Kenya got one of the loudest cheers. Good work he’s doing on Twitter. I’d like to meet one kenya_tweets too, hopefully next time!

So as I talked to the guy next to me, I realized he’s nine other than ink2bikes. A biker complete with the tattoo on the arm. We talked bikes.. I can’t wait to own one! A pleasure meeting u biker ..

People started leaving soon afterwards .. seems bake was a stopover for Friday night! However in sure next time guys will stay longer.

I finally met NonieMG who used to think I’m a guy! Now you see why I had to include gender in my Twitter bio?

Milo came in then but I don’t think he was coming for bake, or was.he? Dunno but I love his blog and so it was fun to see him!

KevDaNative! Met him briefly as I was doing my goodbye round. That’s when I also met ex school mates and @FaybabyN.. sometimes I miss those Kottet days! Okay not so much, just a little.

Someone said Akenyangirl and I look somehow alike … so now I have a tweet-sister! Not to be confused with twin sister .. she offered me help when I got arrested. Yeah, I’ve been arrested before!

The lovely Swabrah (her name sounds gracefully Swan-ish, right?) was here too.

The guy behind was here too. We didn’t get to say much, as you can see I was everywhere and nowhere at the same time!

I had a brief chat with Warothe who doesn’t like the limelight so I should not even mention that he was there.

Let’s not forget The Matrixster whom everyone calls Matricks-ster instead of Matrix-ster. And KenyanPoet!!

If I did not mention you.. please forgive me, I know not what I do. Please let me know so I add you.

BAKE Blogger Happy Hour This Friday

If you missed the last BAKE (Bloggers Association of Kenya) meetup, you are forgiven. If you miss this one, we don’t know what your punishment will be yet…

This Friday the 3rd of June we will have a Bloggers Happy Hour at Kenpride’s Lounge, Utalii House From 6 pm .

I’m borrowing the image below from an email by @mwirigi.

Let's party Kenyan blogger style!

I have exams next week, but I’ll make an appearance at the very least.

See you tomorrow!

How I Almost Got a Job

Last week, I received this SMS:

Hi, am x I work with an international NGO, u were recommended in our company by ur friend xx of xx company (phone number). Am urgently looking for 10 ambitious, hardworking and aggressive pple 2 work with on part time and full time basis. Salary scale is between 30k to 70k full timers and 15k to 30k part timers. If interested Call this no to book a spot.

I’m sure it’s hard to turn down such an offer, especially if you’re a student like me. I was already imagining how I was going to impress them with my ‘ambition, hard work and aggressiveness’. I had considered the part-time option and could see myself making some pocket money in the evenings after class. I have a long-term imagination too, so I could picture when I’d start working full-time and make big money. I could also picture saving for that motorbike I keep dreaming about.

So there is a biker here who keeps taunting me with his small but awesome red bike. I content myself with pictures of it 🙂 I've never seen him/her though.

Were there any reservations? A few. First of all, a few typos in the text but I shrugged them off because it’s a text. Second of all, an INGO would use better recruitment ways, like newspaper/online ads? But my friends told me to just call and see what it was about.

So I made the call.

The guy who answered told me to come to their offices for briefing/training/orientation, I couldn’t decide. He told me their offices are near Nation Center and then when I asked for directions he told me, “Just come to Nation Center and call me when you’re there.”

So after class I made my way to Nation Center and called him. Before I could ask for directions, he said he’s on his way and I should wait for him. I wondered what kind of INGO this was without offices?

He came soon after and led me to this house called Kimathi Chambers, just at the end of Kimathi Street. We went up to the second floor and I was ushered into a room full of young-ish people. A saw a couple of ladies with eyebrows totally shaved off and repainted with eye-pencil. Here and there, people sat on plastic chairs talking in little groups.

So they guy finally pulled a seat and sitting very close to me (knees touching!) started telling me about the International NGO.

He told me many, many stories. How it was started by a 19 year old. How their products help ladies like me not to have mood swings during those monthly times. How we young ladies love fries and sausages, and don’t eat any fruits. How with some magical supplements, I will stop wearing glasses and eventually I’ll have vision 20/20. He asked me if my parents pay my school fees and how would I like it if I could pay for myself and drive myself to work while at it.

All this time, I had noticed a clip he wore and the company stationery bore some logo, initials of Get a New Life Dear. I have heard of them before. Their products are awesome but expensive.

So with that long talk, which would test anyone’s patience, I decided to check into foursquare and earn some points. I noticed Kimathi Chambers is not mapped and added it. It’s hard to do that when you’re having a one-on-one talk with someone. Not to mention that it’s also rude. But after 40 minutes of being told how Get a New Life Dear was going to improve my life tremendously (I’d be driving a 4×4 vehicle in 6 months), I can be forgiven.

He then went on to explain how money is made in the company. Through network marketing. He talked of Facebook and said he could see I was addicted to Facebook (I was actually on foursquare). He told me there is something new called Twitter (Dude, I’ve been a member since ’09!). Explained to me how social networks function. Told me how easy it would be to make money by just introducing the business to new people and how easily I could climb the ranks to Ruby Director and earn 100k per month.

If I hadn’t heard of Get a New Life Dear., I might’ve been convinced to join. However, I know about it and my thoughts? It’s a pyramid scheme. A legal pyramid scheme.

In Other News
There are a number of interesting pictures that I have seen this week:

This is a reflection of Langata Road (at the T-Mall roundabout) in a classroom at Strathmore University. I still don't understand how that image is projected in space, as it were!

Nairobi is beautiful, no? I love living in Nairobi.


The venue for the next BAKE BHH is KP’s Lounge. This Friday, 3rd June, From 6pm. See you there. You don’t have to be a blogger, aspiring bloggers are welcome.


Sometime ago, Kenyan bloggers decided to come together and form what is now called the Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE). This is good news for bloggers who want to do something useful with their blogs (read make money). Individually, it’s hard for one blogger to convince advertisers that they have the numbers it takes, but together we can make a difference. There is also the issue of plagiarism where mainstream media copy pastes content from blogs without as much as an acknowledgment. BAKE aims to help identify these instances and look for the way forward.

So the site, will aggregate content from all bloggers who have signed up (basically your RSS Feeds) and then from there advertisers can choose the relevant blogs they want their ads to go into.

Let me not go into details, there are people working on that nitty gritty stuff but you can ask me questions in the comments section and I’ll try to answer them as best as I can. Issues of content, control, censorship, committees etc.

It looks like BAKE is ready to go, and bloggers were invited for a meeting yesterday evening (Friday 20th May) during which the website was launched.

Anyway, so yesterday I, together with Seth Kigen, was among the first people to arrive, and I found Kachwanya, the ever cheerful organizer/coordinator/don’tKnowHisTitle of BAKE and Wamathai the poet. Shortly after, we were joined by @mawazo_mengi, @anyixbaby, @IddSalim, @wiselar, @roomthinker, @kahenya, @bankelele, @martingicheru, @nj3ma, @shiruakams, @dy-rants and please-forvgive-me-if-I-have-not-mentioned-you-Just-tell-me-and-I-will-add-you-here-immediately.

So business was discussed and beer was ordered. I left early though and wish I’d stayed to chat a bit. It was agreed that we have monthly social meetings/drink ups/BHH. Blogger Happy Hour.

I look forward to BHH. As far as I can remember, Ugandan bloggers have always had a HH and wondered when we’d start having ours!

The next BHH is set for June 3rd but it could change. I’ll keep you updated and I hope to see you there!