Last Post on this Blog

This is the last post on this blog.

Three important things happened over the last four years that have made it impossible for me to continue blogging, let alone at the steady pace with which I had earlier blogged. It all boils down to time though. I had never realized how much time was spent writing a blogpost, from the point of inspiration, to the composition of the post in my head, to finally writing and fine-tuning the piece until it was funny and interesting and entertaining to whoever was reading it.

The first thing is that I became a mother over 3 years ago. And it changed me, profoundly. It changed my outlook in life (I know ,I know, everyone who has had kids is supposed to says this) and I had to reevaluate what was important to me. Goes without saying family is the most important thing in life. It became a lot harder to share my life and experiences with the public after that. There are many mothers and fathers who continue blogging after their kids are born, and maybe even the kids are the inspiration behind their current writing.

The second thing is starting my PhD. Any spare time that is not occupied by my child is taken over by my worry over the quality and quantity of the work I am doing. Worries over whether it will be worth a PhD, and whether I can complete in time.

Thirdly, I moved to a foreign country. It has taken me 2 years to finally settle down and feel at home in Japan. It is a whole different world, the culture is totally alien to a Kenyan like me. The language was new and I had to start learning it from scratch. Whatever free time I get now, which is not much, I keep trying to improve my grasp of the language – written and spoken.

This is a defining moment in my life as I enter the final year of my 20’s. When I say I am busy, I really mean it. Between single-handedly raising an energetic boy (who is 3 going on 4) in a foreign country while doing my PhD at the same time, I barely have time left to breathe.

I don’t read as much. And reading was a big part of my writing. I read other people’s blogs and got inspired to write mine as well. I read books and was inspired by the adventures in them. I could close my eyes and daydream but I am currently stuck in reality. Luckily, it is an exciting reality.

I will be deleting this blog but I’m keeping the domain, for who knows what next. Fear not, I have archived previous posts including this one in a wordpress blog. There are 6 years’ worth of posts (2011-2016), from the initial posts about graduating with a first class honours bachelor’s degree, to traveling to Rwanda and meeting President Kagame, to the Bob Collymore lunch where he replaced my stolen Ideos, to the Safaricom Academy in Strathmore university where I did my masters’, to the AFC and Harambee Stars football matches that I attended , to Jeremy’s birth, to the Japanese government scholarship and subsequent maiden international flight, to dealing with visas to countries like Canada and lots of local travel in Japan. It has been quite the ride.

I have been a campus blogger, a tech blogger, a travel blogger, a lifestyle blogger, a football blogger, a book reviewer and everything in between.

But it’s time to say goodbye to this blog.

I may take up blogging again in the future, but I don’t when and in what form.

  • Christopher Masafu

    Well done. Absolutely loved reading your chronicles through my campus years. My life almost mirrored yours, first class at undergrad (2011 as well), UK Masters and now looking to a Canadian PhD/fatherhood in a few months.

    Best wishes with your PhD. You’ve got it in you.
    And you’ll write a brilliant thesis, you’re probably only going through “The Valley of Shit”

    Good luck!

    • savvykenya

      Thank you for the kind words.

      And thanks for that link, OMG. It describes everything I am going through at the moment!! Literally word for word..

  • It is sad to hear you say that! Your blog has been quite informative and inspiring. Actually, to some extent it, it revived my blogging passion, though I have gone low again. All the best Mama J!

    • savvykenya

      Thanks, I’m still on the interwebs but just taking a break from blogging. I will be back!

  • Sad to see you go. It’s been a good run. Hopefully you will take it up sometime in the future.

    • savvykenya

      Yes I definitely will! Thanks for reading.

  • There are two kinds of people…Those who can face the future with confidence and those who cling on to the past out of fear of the unknown. They say all good things come to an end. It is fitting that as your train pulled slowly into the station for the very last time your passengers were made aware that this is where they must disembark.

    Travelling on the SavvyKenya express has been an amazing experience right from the beginning and I am sure that your huge army of regular travelers will feel priviledged as they look back fondly to the many adventures along the way. Please accept our warmest thanks for sharing your moments with us and cheering our Monday mornings with some wonderful posts. You did this even as you were scaling new heights in your academic life and bringing up young J far away from home. Your achievements are an inspiration to many young people all over the world and you almost echo FLOTUS Michelle Obama’s conviction that “You can achieve anything you wish to achieve.”

    Wishing you all the best for the future

    • savvykenya

      Thanks Woolie. It just felt like the right time to move on. It was getting harder and harder coming up with new posts even though there is a lot happening in my life. Blogging has always been fun for me so when I started struggling, I felt it was a sign. I will definitely do a bigger and better blog when I do start again.

  • Onward and upward, Ms Savvy. Here’s to a lifetime of stories worth telling, whether or not you tell them to us. Cheers!

    • savvykenya

      Thanks! But you make me feel bad for not telling you the stories which are many because my life will be full of adventure!

      • Sasa wewe… Ha! Once a storyteller always a storyteller, no?

        Let’s try this again.

        Here’s to a lifetime of stories worth telling, and a lifetime of telling stories.

  • Mackel9

    Adios Savvy, I wish you and Jeremy all the best in your future endeavours 🙂

  • Lionel

    It has been a hell of a ride. I am glad to have been a part of this.
    Wishing you the best and looking forward to reading again!

  • Victor Mumo

    This was one of the top sites on my RSS feeds. Will miss it. I hope you write a book one day.