Hellooo.. 27! Taking Stock

It is my 27th Birthday, if Facebook, Skype or some other app has not informed you already. I like the sound of 27, it is far enough from 30 for me to causally say I am in my 20s (I will still say this when I am 29.x years!). Although I worry about becoming old (70 and beyond really scares me), I realize I am still far away from that and I need to live in the moment. I am going to do one of those “taking stock posts” so bear with me!

27 years old

This is the dilemma I am dealing with!

Making: Research plans for the next 3 years, a PhD doesn’t come easy. In spite of how impressive that might sound, it is more like I am in a long, dark tunnel of research papers and there is still no end to the said tunnel, no light in the distance. It has been 3 weeks at JAIST, I love it here.

I am also making plans to bring J over by the time the October (autumn) semester starts. So far, the nearby pre-school has accepted the application 🙂

Cooking: random recipes I google from the internet. They require some spices and ingredients I am never sure where to buy from especially when everything is in Japanese. Sometimes it turns out great, sometimes it is hardly edible. I live to learn.
Drinking: Kenyan masala tea. Ahhh..
Reading: Research papers. Random articles on various topics saved on the Pocket app. A new novel I got from a friend.
Wanting: September to come quickly, I am ready to book my ticket home for a holiday and to come back with J! Also, the Samsung S6 could come in handy. A birthday present, anyone?
Looking: at the mountains behind my apartment every morning as the sun comes up, I live up in the mountains in the university student housing. The university itself is up in the mountains. In the evening, I see Kanazawa City twinkling below me from the front veranda. There couldn’t be  a more ideal location. Just type JAIST into Google maps and use street view to see a piece of my world 🙂
Playing: nothing. No physical, no computer games. I have become a boring person.
Wasting: time watching series online instead of carrying out a series of “projects” I had set out for myself this year.
Wishing: for the time-space continuum to be conquered so I can teleport instantly to my family in Nairobi.
Enjoying: driving around in a friend’s Mercedes Benz (friends let their friends drive their expensive cars)
Waiting: for this Saturday to arrive so I can go see the snow wall in Tateyama with my friends.

Snow Wall at Tateyama

Snow Wall at Tateyama

Liking: that the weather is getting warmer and warmer. On some days, the temperature rises up to 23deg and I can pretend I am in Nairobi. Nairobi just has the perfect weather.
Wondering: if life would be much simpler if the people we liked also liked us back with the exact same intensity, of course the reverse is also true
Loving: that I am getting used to life in Japan so much, and loving it here. Especially the JAIST environment, a high tech research center in the middle of nowhere. Like it could be in a sci-fi movie. Of course the disadvantage is that there is nothing around, transport is not so convenient and the only convenience store closes at 9 or is it 10pm!

JAIST in the mountains

JAIST in the mountains

Hoping: to get a car very soon, I am starting to feel as if I am taking advantage of my friends! A girl needs her own wheels especially if I will be bringing J here.

Marveling: at my son who is now speaking, and singing. His second birthday was just under a month ago.

Needing: a car very soon, oh I already said that. Okay, needing the Golden Week (a week long series of holidays here in Japan) to quickly arrive so I can take off to see Kobe with friends.
Smelling: Fresh mountain air, every morning, and practically every day I am outdoors at JAIST.
Wearing: shorts with more confidence 🙂

Spring in Kenrokuen Garden

Spring in Kenrokuen Garden

Following: my self-imposed schedule has proved impossible. I have 2 hours scheduled for exercise each day and I haven’t done any in the last two weeks.
Noticing: just how everything has become green .. Spring is truly a time of rejuvenation.
Knowing: and accepting my limits
Thinking: about my family and wishing my little brother all the best as he embarks on the road to becoming a certified doctor. He just started his internship year.
Feeling: happy. Sleeping well lately. In spite of the lack of exercise.
Bookmarking: How to dye your hair wiki page. I learned that to get the best results for vibrant colours, you first need to bleach black hair. That is why I am currently sporting a bleached blonde look. Purple coming soon. Wait, I could be going through some late quarter-life crisis or something. But as long as I am a career student, I still have some freedom to express myself 🙂
Opening: 10 to 15 tabs on my browser and watching as my laptop gets the blue screen of death after Chrome has “eaten” all the 4GB RAM.

Google Chrom Vs RAM

Google Chrom Vs RAM

Giggling: whenever I watch/read Cyanide and Happiness comics. I don’t get always get the dark humour but when I do.. some are downright hilarious.
Feeling: grateful to be alive, in a world full of suffering notwithstanding. Happy birthday to me!


  • Narisha Koech

    Nice article, is that like a mini-mini version of the micro memoir? Happy belated birthday. I see were in the same band wagon. It’s safe to assume you’re in your mid 20s. Lol. Happy birthday.

    • savvykenya

      Memoirs are written by famous people! I hope I will be someday, thank you!

  • Happy birthday, Ms Savvy, 27 is a good year (I’m not just saying that, for some reason it seems to be the case for many people).

    Here’s to a long life and a merry one.
    A quick death and an easy one.
    A cute boy and an honest one.
    A cold beer-and another one!

    The Irish do these things best. 😀

    • PS. Loving these looser (freer? is that how free-er is spelled? looks odd…), introspective posts you’ve been doing ‘for yourself’. Nicely done. *Japanese bow*

      • savvykenya

        I love love that song. Yes, a long and merry life, a cold beer and another one, a cute and honest boy.. and finally, quick and easy death.

        When I first started blogging, http://jkuattalkshop.wordpress.com, my posts were loose like that. They almost bordered on TMI. Campus chronicles. The only thing I changed was people’s names. Later, I got older and “mature” and started watching what I said lets I hurt other people’s feelings or people think I am weird and strange. However, now I realize I don’t care if people think I am weird, strange or don’t conform to society, but I do care about their feelings. So as long as a post hurts no one, I will spit it out through the keyboard. Heh, sorry for the long explanation. 27 will be a good year 🙂

  • Tosin Otitoju

    happy birthday SuperStar!

    • savvykenya

      Thank you, I hope I can live up to the Superstar reputation!

  • Mackel9

    Those legs are awesome, the right toning, seems the work out is having nice results so far. 🙂
    Happy birthday Savvy

    Kumbe google chrome is the cause of all my troubles, I was wondering why on the seventh tab things get messy, it is no longer the nimble, light, mean application that once was. It is a beast that eats and eats and eats. Thanks for the cyanide website too. I never knew where the source was till now… awesome.

    • savvykenya

      Yes, working out has had its benefits, I haven’t run of late because of a bad ankle but once it heals I will be back on the road to abs and toned legs.. summer is coming! Thanks for the birthday wishes..

  • woolie

    A Happy belated birthday, Savvy! They told me the party celebrations were over at the other place – kumbe this is where it’s all happening? I have enjoyed this post immensely. It is like a stylish update; the story so far. You have tackled the challenge of moving to Kanazawa with good humour and you are cleary settling well. Make the best of 27. It will also make the best of you and be a good year!!

    • savvykenya

      Thanks Woolie, better late than never. This post was long overdue, “taking stock”, it is a guide when stuck on what to write next. Thank you, I hope to make the best of 27..!

  • Happy birthday! And 27 is not yet LATE 20’s! 😉

    • savvykenya

      Thanks! Maybe it is late mid-20s!

  • Cess

    Am 10 days late. Happy bday girl. Am sure your boy misses you as much as you miss him.

    • savvykenya

      Better late than never! Thank you, I can’t wait for my return home this year.

  • That google vs chrome pic … lol

    • savvykenya

      True story yo!

  • Paul

    Very true on Google Chrome.

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