Inside Nakumatt Select

I think I first noticed Nakumatt products in the bed & fabrics section at Nakumatt Junction like a year ago. Made in Kenya and branded by Nakumatt ūüôā So I grabbed a set of white towels: 2 large towels, 2 medium-sized towels, 2 face towels. Something similar to below:

A set of towels from Nakumatt Select

A set of towels from Nakumatt Select

Now Nakumatt has branded its products as Nakumatt Select  available across all their stores. The products include towels, table, kitchen linens, bed linens, duvets,blankets, throws, pillows and more.

On a cold and rain evening, picture yourself on the couch with the blankets below:

Nakumatt Select Blankets

What I love about the products is their quality, and they are quite affordable. They are all manufacture locally. The set below of throws (Just google it already) would be a perfect gift for someone.

Couch blankets/throws from Nakumatt Select

Couch blankets/throws from Nakumatt Select

From here onwards, I will just let you feast your eyes on some of the products:

Beach towels:

Beach towels from Nakumatt Select

Beach towels from Nakumatt Select

Towels of all colours:

Another set of towels from Nakumatt Select

Another set of towels from Nakumatt Select

Bed linen: sateen bedding.¬†Yes, sateen. Here’s the difference between satin & sateen:

Sateen: luxury cotton bed sheets so smooth & cottony soft #NakumattSelect Satin: smooth,shiny fabric usually made from rayon,nylon, or silk

Sateen Bedding from Nakumatt Select

Sateen Bedding from Nakumatt Select

So if you have been wondering where to shop for towels, bedding, pillows, blankets.. try the Nakumatt Select brand and waiting to hear your feedback!

Meeting Spots along Mombasa Road

Living off Mombasa Road and working in Upperhill means I rarely go to town (CBD). The traffic jams from Upperhill into town on a weekday evening are epic, it can take you two hours to drive into town, a 10-15 minutes walk. Anyway, if the friend or business acquaintance that you are meeting lives/works along/off  Mombasa road, and you have been looking for a place to meet for a cup of coffee in the evening, consider these places:

Savanna Coffee House at Sameer Business Park

Sameer Business Park

Sameer Business Park
Image from

Situated at the expansive, open aired (in the sense that the buildings don’t tower to block out the sun) Sameer Business Park, is another branch of¬†Savanna coffee houses. The location is great, especially if it’s really sunny, you can sit outdoors and enjoy the open space and gazing onto Mombasa road traffic.

In the evening, the lighting is great and ambiance will match the mood; however, mosquitoes invade! In the fading sunlight, they attack your legs under the table, so don’t wear ¬†a short skirt. On the other hand, the cafe closes early, by 7:30 p.m. waiters come to your table to chase you away! So really, it’s a daytime meeting kind of place.

Service is okay, mostly because you will find one or two waiters. The place is rarely crowded. The food is alright, depending on what you want. The usual coffees and teas, the burgers, fries, rice, chicken.. it’s like a ¬†parallel Java menu.

Panari Sky Center & Hotel

Panari Sky Center and Hotel has the only solar ice skating rink in Nairobi. However, I doubt you will want to meet anyone at the skating rink!

Panari Sky Center & Hotel

Panari Sky Center & Hotel

On the ground floor of the hotel, there is Black Gold Cafe, and Shooters & Dips bar. While their latte may be average (as compared to the specialized Java & Savannah), the ambiance is great! It’s warm inside (no mosquitoes), staff are warm and friendly, lighting is good, music is good, food is really good. And closing time is midnight. Their prices are also fair, beer is Ksh. 250.

Panari also has a number of restaurants on the second floor, notable is Pampas Brazilian restaurant for (a lot) meat. I think there is also a bar on the 2nd floor, haven’t explored it. The waiter informed me of a rooftop bar, but it’s only for hotel guests. As a walk-in however, the ground floor should be sufficient for conversation to catch up with old friends, or seal a business deal.

Every so often you’ll probably find me there having coffee in the evening on my way home, but no stalkers please! I just like its convenient location on Mombasa road, a pause as I wait for traffic congestion to ease.

For more info, check out their site

Other Places

On the other side of Mombasa road, there is also Ole Sereni, but I have only been there once for a conference. There’s also Eka Hotel, of which I have heard nothing but good things.¬†If I do go there sometime, I will write about them.

Closer to town, there is Capital Center, with a number of restaurants on the ground floor, including Java. The food-court also houses Chicken Inn & Galitos (I think). There’s a Chinese restaurant on 1st floor as well as a pub. However, I find Capital Center to be rather crowded, if noisy; and I rarely meet anyone here.

Know any other places along Mombasa road, please share!

Added later: 

More places to meet along Mombasa road thanks to a contributor, Patrick:

  • ¬†Bellevue petrol station (there’s a Pizza inn there)
  • Motor sport club south
  • The Boma in South C.
  • Choma Zone just ahead of¬†Imara Daima junction at the Total Petrol Station

OLX App Offers a Faster Way to Browse/Sell

Despite friends’ misgivings about olx (so many cons there, you have to be careful), I have actually used for some two great deals: a laptop and a baby car seat. The thing about olx that you have to realize is that it’s a platform to connect buyers and sellers, and cons have always been there even offline.

I recently downloaded the OLX app and was surprised at the ease of navigation and fast loading of the pages (yes I was on Safaricom internet!).

The user interface is really simple and neat.

OLX App loading screen

OLX App loading screen

It instantly picked the location nearest to me so that when I search for deals, I get the most relevant and most accessible deals.

Oh wait, this is yet another welcoming screen.

Oh wait, another welcoming screen on the OLX App.

Oh wait, another welcoming screen on the OLX App.

Ok here’s the screen that has already picked location. Loading was really quite fast. Maybe it was the timing, so the internet was a bit faster as more people were asleep!

OLX app showing Komarock as my nearest location!

OLX app showing Komarock as my nearest location!

From here, I randomly browsed by category (Cars) just to see what I would get and how the app works. I instantly got the cars being listed near/around Komarock.

olx app 4

I wondered if it’s possible to change location, I mean, if you are looking for something as big as a car, your location shouldn’t be limited to just your constituency or something!

Just tapping on the location, I was able to zoom out to the larger location of Nairobi. You can also choose to list all cars listed in Kenya;  and so on..

Cars listed in Nairobi using olx app

Cars listed in Nairobi using olx app


I tried to navigate to other categories as well, the transition was just as smooth and fast. I think if you have a reliable internet connection,, you’re likely to enjoy browsing for deals using the app. As you can see, my location chosen now is the larger geographical area “Kenya”, and you can narrow or widen your search area as much as you like.

Searching for a different category on olx app

Searching for a different category on olx app

Narrowing down location to Komarock, I get jobs and services in my area.


Narrowing down location to Komarock on the olx app

You can also apply various filters to your search, such as prices, make of cars etc.

You can also save your search for future reference.

If you’re selling something, it’s easier to upload pics directly from the phone as opposed to first transferring them to the computer then uploading on the olx site, or relying on the stability of your browser to maintain the connection as you try to upload the pics.

The app is available on¬†¬†iOS, Android, Nokia ad blackberry app stores. Here’s the link to the Android one¬†

Try it out and give me feedback on its usability!


The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins

First of all, this book is absolutely free on Amazon, the Kindle edition that is.

Woman in white by Wilkie Collins

Woman in white by Wilkie Collins

How does someone review a good book without giving a way the plot? That has always been the trick.

This is one of those classics you will not regret picking up. It’s told from various points of view by the characters involved in the story. Wilkie Collins is really descriptive and you will get to enjoy his style of writing, no matter which character is narrating the story at that particular time.

Central to the tale, is of course, the woman in white. Who is she? What role does she play? The first character to narrate the story is Walter Hartright, a young man of 28 years, whose sense of humour will make you smile at the beginning. He encounters a woman in white in the streets of London, she seems to be in a hurry, is fearful and nervous, but he helps her nevertheless. His good friend, Professor Pesca, has helped get him a good job in the countryside teaching two maidens to draw, he’s an artist himself. Thus he departs from London on the same night he meets the woman in white.

He goes on to the village where he’s to be stationed and meets the two ladies who are sisters: Miss Halcombe and Miss Fairlie, and from there, as the story unfolds, the mystery of the woman in white deepens as she also resurfaces in the same village. Tragic events follow, and Walter Hartright leaves England for the United States, thus other characters take over the story. Most notable is Miss Halcombe (or Marian if you insist on being informal), who writes in her diary the events as they unfold.

Miss Fairlie is engaged to be married to Sir Percival, who has a FAT friend called Count Fosco. However, something is amiss but no one can get to the bottom of it, and in the end she gets married to Sir Percival. However, she’s still in love with Walter Hartright, and he’s also in love with her, and that is why he left because he couldn’t bear that she was betrothed to another.

From there, things take a turn for the worse, with each of the characters involved at the particular time ¬†narrating their side of the story. This works well for character building. The question now is, what tragic events have happened? Who was the woman in white and why does she look exactly like Miss Fairlie? Will Walter Hartright come back? Will he end up Miss Fairlie? How¬†is Count Fosco such a powerful character, yet he’s a fat man of 60 who treads very silently, loves animals, has the sweetest tooth, charming words and drinks sugar water (yuck!). It’s funny how much you hate to admire the count. He’s ruthless, but admirable. Find out why he admires Miss Halcombe so!

Anyway, I hope I have given you enough reason (I could give several more but time limits) to download the free ebook, or to buy the classic for a few hundred shillings.