List of CCK Approved Set-Top-Box Vendors

With the digital TV migration deadline looming for Nairobi and its environs (December 13th), here is a list of set top box vendors (decoders) and the average prices, as well contact information of the vendors. They are so many it wouldn’t make sense to copy paste the information here, you can download (and print it) if it interests you.

banner 02 List of CCK Approved Set Top Box Vendors

A set top box

There are free-to-air set top boxes that you buy only once and you pay no further subscription fees. The average cost for such is Ksh. 5,000. I know this is a little too much, too sudden for Nairobians, and we might all be surprised (!) when our analog TV signals are no more and all we are staring at is rice flickering across the screen.

The pay TV set top boxes are GoTv and Star Times.

You don’t have to buy a new TV to be able to make the switch to Digital TV, the set top box will do the conversion for you. However, if you still want to go ahead and buy a digital TV (the decoder is inbuilt) you can still do so.

For more information about the digital migration, check out the Digital Kenya website. Follow the conversation on facebook and on twitter.