WordCamp Kenya is in November at Nanyuki

WordCamp Kenya is a conference about the world’s most popular blogging and CMS software, WordPress. Developers, designers and bloggers will come together for WordPress related talks, workshops and networking.

WordCamp Kenya 2013

WordCamp Kenya 2013

The third annual event will take place on November 9 and 10th 2013 in Nanyuki at the foot of Mt. Kenya.

Get your early bird ticket now for Ksh. 3,500. The ticket includes transport (to and from Nanyuki to Nairobi), Camping, Meals for 2 days and ticket to WordCamp Kenya 2013. Also comes with a WordCamp tee and sponsor giveaways.

Click here for the list of speakers at the two-day conference.

RIP Idd Salim

I have been starting at this post for a while, wondering what to write. When I learned of Idd Salim‘s death last night, I remembered how I had on my to-do list a task: prepare will. Not that I have any assets to leave behind (for now), but I want when I do pass on, someone to get my passwords so they can shut down my internet accounts or post my parting message or something of the sort. I’m yet to prepare the said will. Now that one of us (Kenya online/tech scene) has passed on, following closely after the Westgate Mall terrorist attack, I feel my mortality more than ever.

IddSalim RIP Idd Salim

He described himself as coder, thinker, blogger. He was all those and more.

Our first interaction was online, and I commented a lot on his hard hitting posts (with analogies that bordered on the misogynistic). However in person, Idd Salim was different, softer, gentler, kinder. He had his dreams, and he blogged about them. In his second last blog, he wrote: “Chase your dream. Daily. Daily. Chase it.”

In the recent past, he was among the faces I looked out for every time I went to iHub or Nailab, and it will never be the same without him. He said things other bloggers were(are) too chicken to say, he took the bull (usually a telecom) by the horns. I know he was passionate about code, pool, and Arsenal.

One thing I noticed was that he changed his twitter name often. How ironic that his last name was “Disappearance Act”. The words on his twitter bio: “All previous system problems fixed. Initializing system reboot …” Oh, how I wish he’d reboot.

twitter Idd RIP Idd Salim

His twitter account

For all he was, all he did, all he aspired to do, I will remember him most for his dreams. Becoming a USD Million techpreneur. And chasing that dream. Daily. That, and his love for his daughters whom he mentioned from time to time in his blog posts.

Rest in peace Idd Salim. Till we meet again.

[I don’t Wanna Be ~ Gavin DeGraw]

2013- 2nd half goals

First of all, I’m really praying for the siege on Westgate Mall to end soon. My sentiments on this are echoed perfectly by blogger Gathara. Also,this post on divas4tech says exactly what I’m feeling.

nairobi 2013  2nd half goals

Picture courtsey of Mutua Matheka

Anyway, in the midst of this tumult, I stumbled upon a draft post that I think should be published since this half is almost over. I’m a believer in writing down goals; it creates a commitment to achieve them, it’s like swearing an oath. They are no longer just dreams floating in the air but actual goals to be accomplished.

While still following up on my first half of the year goals, these are what I had decided to add onto my plate.

1. Register a business
It’s high time to go official, don’t you think? At some point, the entrepreneurial side of you realizes the time has reached when it’s no longer adequate to do side hustles as an individual. While employment gives me the experience and start that I need, I am not sure I want to be here till I hit retirement age.

register 2013  2nd half goals

Hit register now!

2. Save 100K for moving abroad

I know what you are asking yourself, since when was 100K (Kshs) enough for moving anywhere, and why would I be going there? More in this in the future.

100k 2013  2nd half goals

Image from www.zazzle.com

3. Get car

I feel the necessity to contribute to the city’s traffic jams and carbon monoxide (or is it CO2) emissions. Ok, I kid. I just need to be really mobile right now. Sure, I may end up immobile in rush hour traffic but at least I will be listening to the radio, something that my Samsung S4 misses.

passo 2013  2nd half goals

Come to mama.. yes you little red car.

4. Successfully defend my thesis
Unfortunately, I didn’t graduate this year, meaning I have to wait an entire year before graduation again as Strathmore has only one graduation ceremony a year. However, my graduate dissertation is ready and waiting for me to defend it.

thesis 2013  2nd half goals

Good question

5. Save for CISA exam

This will go a long way in enhancing my profession.

CISA 2013  2nd half goals


When the year ends, I shall have something to look back on and ask myself, what did I achieve?

What are your 2013 personal goals?

App Review: MyLingala

MyLingala is a native android Lingala-English lyrics translator app for Lingala enthusiasts (how many of those do you know?). But we grew up listening to Lingala when our parents were listening to it. Artists like Franco, Mbilia Bel etc, not forgetting modern artists like Fally Ipupa do hits that sound great for years on end.



Fally Ipupa performs

After searching the web for Lingala lyrics and their English translations online, Lingala music enthusiast Victor Njagi became increasingly frustrated by lack of any meaningful results. Frustrated and disappointed, he could not understand how such popular songs had limited web presence. This led him to take the bull by the horn and write an application that could offer English translations to Lingala lyrics.

Screenshot 2 App Review: MyLingala

Some of the songs already translated into English in the app

Mylingala is a simple lyrics translator that is very easy to use. The app is currently available at amazon app store, nexva and MTN Nigeria appstore.

Screenshot 1 App Review: MyLingala

A sample song with translated lyrics

Visit www.mylingala.com for more details on how you can get it.