The Samsung Galaxy S III-Mini

Question: How many Samsung galaxies are there?
Answer: more than the galaxies in the universe for sure!

S III Mini White

The thing about Samsung is that they have a phone for every niche. From a basic mulika mwizi to the top notch Samsung Galaxy S III to the phablet Samsung Galaxy Note II. The later two gadgets are intimidating in size, and I’m currently using a Note II. I can’t carry it in my hand, and doesn’t fit into most of my pockets, and typing with one hand is a tough balancing act. If you are looking for all the specifications of an S III but in a smaller size, then the S3-mini is what I recommend.

Unveiling the Samsung Galaxy S III Mini

Unveiling the Samsung Galaxy S III Mini

The Samsung S III Mini is a thing of beauty. It fits perfectly into your palm and retains the same curved corners design as the Galaxy S III. In the pricing range, it’s a mid-priced phone going for about Ksh 38,000 and is available in Samsung dealer shops, and at Nakumatt, Tusksys and Safaricom shops.

Here are the key features of the S III Mini:

  • Size: Thin, Sleek, fits easily in pocket and in your hand
  • Dual-core 1GHz chipset and a 4-inch WVGA resolution screen, although these are much less than what’s in the S III, you will hardly notice the difference in performance. The difference in resolution is noticeable though
  • Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean operating system
  • 5MP rear camera with flash, and a VGA front camera.

I decided to give this phone to my mum who has been using a basic internet phone, in this digital age it is essential for everyone to have a smartphone. So far it’s been a quick adjustment to the Android echo system although we are yet to hit optimal utilization. So far her most useful apps include Gmail- no need to log into a computer to check emails, just use the phone app! The ability to tether or use the phone as a wi-fi hotspot is much welcome, modems get misplaced plus topping them up now and then is an issue. Buying bundles on your phone is much easier and more flexible. Now she has internet on demand on her laptop, something quite useful as she teaches some classes online. There is also the torch app that turns the camera’s flash on as a torch, very handy now that it is raining and power goes off as soon as there is a hint of rain.

Let’s not forget the camera which she uses mostly to take pictures of her grandson 🙂 I must admit there are many things that smartphone users take for granted. Read my post on how to make the most of your droid (Android device).

For those looking for a stylish phone, but don’t want a massive screen, a massive weight or a massive price tag, the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini should be your choice.

For a detailed review, check out this review on engadget.

  • yeeeyo

    I think this phone is hideously overpriced and underspeced thusly.
    For less, You can get a more powerful and better performing Galaxy Nexus at Phonexpress. I’d keep away from Samsung and there need to oversaturate the Android ecosystem with things no-one wants; Just today they announced the Galaxy Mega at 6″3′ and 5″8′ ! And you thought your galaxy tab was big. XD

    • Tech Analyst

      @Yeeeyo you actually right. Samsung’s innovation is a killing menace. but there’s one concept with android that many don’t understand…….the Operating System concept is a number 1 tag for all but the UI is still not welcoming. I’d rather go for iOS, cough-out exorbitantly on an iPhone to enjoy the whole taste of a smartphone. Android is simple & infact a Jagger-nut release but Google has to consider the fact that apple has one of the best graphics acceleration that it’s phone still can’t pick a notch out of them.

      • savvykenya

        What about the rest of the people who can’t afford a top notch iPhone? I think Android fills this gap in the market. Secondly, the UI is as close to iPhone’s as possible without infringing on IP rights so really?

        Thirdly, graphics acceleration is a barely noticeable thing for ‘average’ users, and top Android phones have no issues with graphics.

    • savvykenya

      Hmm I think if they are making them, someone is buying them?

    • savvykenya

      As for pricing, I think the other brands are not very good at marketing so people shopping for phones have no idea what to look for?

  • Tech Analsyt

    Good analysis of the SIII. I’ve also posted analysis of what is expected of the iPhone 5S here -> ( ) and this will mean a total challenge to Google’s Android Operating system.

    • savvykenya

      I really think iOS is not for Africa, Kenya.. it’s mostly targeting the US and China markets due to its cost and marketplace setup. Leaving us with Android so I don’t think it’s going to be much of a big deal

  • michellemuthoni

    Samsung are really up-to something especially the latest adverts or is it campaign for the Samsung galaxy music.

    • savvykenya

      Galaxy Music is being pushed into the market as a low-cost fashionable phone.. but Samsung is in the market to stay with very many other gadgets and they keep launching new ones every day!

  • Freddy

    Nice review, but the price Kes 38,000…I saw somewhere the phone going for 22,000. I don’t know, maybe they aren’t offering the real S III mini…

    If you dont mind, could you confirm the legit price for me ‘fore I make a huge mistake? Thanks in advance 😉

    • savvykenya

      Hi Freddy, sorry for the belated reply. The price last year was 38K, but now it may have fallen. It depends on where you saw it, I’d advice you to buy it from genuine dealers like Phone Xpress, Safaricom shops etc.

  • woolie

    Great review and lovely phone…some friends read all about it right here. Many thanks Savvy

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