There Comes a Time

Okay, so I stole the line above from the late Professor George Saitoti (RIP). But read on.

But first, go to, create an account/ sign in, and vote for Savvy Kenya on the left hand side column for “Female Fan of the Year”.

There comes a time when as a community, the Ingwe Community, we sit back and reflect on where we are at the moment and how far we have come. 2012 was a good year in Kenyan football, and although we had some good times they should never overshadow the good ones. When all is gone and we’re old and a new generation has taken over, what will keep us going will be the memories of the good times, so let’s cherish those.

In honour of all the fans, players, officials and executive committee members and anyone else who considers themselves part of the den, the CLAWS Trust and the EC are organizing Ingwe Awards night. It’s time to appreciate everyone, young and old, tall and short, skinny and bulky who is a part of the community. It’s not about winning, because if life was about that, then we’d all never live because we have lost something at some point in our lives. It’s about letting someone have their 5 seconds in the limelight, because you know, yours too will come.

A true fan stays with the club through bad times and good times, they say. The club belongs to the fans because when all is said and done, players will come and go, coaches will come and go (we’ll miss you Koops!) , the technical bench might stick around for a while, but only the fans will last forever. Our motto makes sense: Ours Forever.

Goodbye Koops, we shall really miss you! Image from

I was there when the season began on a high note, was there when we were thrashing teams by 2-0. I was present when we served the KDF, bonokos those! I was there for our first loss of the season in Mombasa, smashed a phone while dealing with the pain – see evidence (madness I tell you!). I traveled to Mumias, Coast, Kisii, Naivasha with other fans, made friends, broke some hearts (don’t ask), cheered, laughed, cried, slept and all this because of football, and not just football but football brewed in the talented community that is Ingwe.

To this day, I’m proud to be an Ingwe Fan. I ‘propound’ my Ingweism online- my blog has an entire category dedicated to AFC Leopards. My twitter (@savvykenya) account reflects this, my updates, my writing, my life.. there’s evidence of my love for this team. I talk about it every chance I get.

A foldable water bottle I just acquired, anyone want one? For only Ksh 150

All I’m asking for is five minutes in the spotlight, five minutes of your time to vote for me as the female fan of the year. It’s not because I deserve it, or I have the most love for the team. It’s because the time is right, the time is now. Being a female fan has its challenges, and its rewards. If the team loses, sometimes we get blamed. If we win, our support is not always recognized. Today, I want you to think about it. We’re all part of one Ingwe family, and although we may not have undying love for each other, we have one common goal: to make our team bigger and better. It’s what I try to do in my sphere of influence. In my life.

Go to, create an account/ sign in, and vote for Savvy Kenya on the left hand side column for “Female Fan of the Year”. If you haven’t done so already! For the male fan, vote for one Faraj Faluma.

Thank you for your vote 🙂


I won! I’m the AFC Leopards Female Fan of the Year 2012. Thanks for your support everyone. The gala night for Ingwe Awards is on Tuesday 11th December at Dee West Resort(or is it Club?). Be there 🙂

The Kenyan Bloggers Awards 2013- Submission Open

This year, around May, the Bloggers Association of Kenya held the first ever awards to honour but most importantly recognzie Kenyan bloggers.

Planning is already underway for next year’s awards, and this time organizers have learned from the first event. It can only get bigger and yes, better. I’m looking forward to participating and encouraging the Kenyan cyberspace to grow.

The submission phase of The Kenyan Blog awards is now open and it will last until February 1st 2013. Please feel free to nominate your favourite blogs in each category. Follow this link to nominate blogs. Email if you have any query.

Below are the categories in which you can nominate your favourite blogs.

1. Best Technology Blog

Blogs that cover technology matters like social media, internet usage, consumer electronics, mobile phones, tech startups etc.

2. Best Photography Blog

Blogs that showcase original photos or have photography related content.

3. Best Creative Writing Blog

Blogs that feature original creative writing in the form of poetry, book reviews, fiction and essays.

4. Best Business Blog

Blogs that feature business content like business development, entrepreneurship, startups, stocks, investments, banking etc

5. Best Food Blog

Blogs that focus on food, cooking tips, restaurants, wines and recipes

6. Best Environmental/Agricultural Blog

Blogs that focus on the environment and agriculture.

7. Best Fashion/Beauty/Style Blog

Blogs that highlight current trends in fashion, beauty and style.

8. Best Politics Blog

Blogs that cover political issues in Kenya.

9. Best New Blog

Outstanding Blogs that were set up from January 24th 2012 onwards.

10. Best Corporate Blog

Blogs run by companies.

11. Best Topical Blog

Blog with a clear niche that is not represented in any of the other categories.

12. Best Sports Blog

Blogs that feature sports content.

13. Best Entertainment/Lifestyle Blog

Blog about Kenyan lifestyle and the entertainment industry.

14. Best Travel Blog

Blog about travelling.

15. Kenyan Blog of the Year

Best overall blog by a Kenyan with a focus on any aspect of Kenya.


Happy December people! Hopefully, this marks the return of my blogging mojo, it’s been lost for a while.