dash2do.com: For All Erands, Drivers and Everything In Between

I have been having very busy days of late. I work Monday to Friday (and the occasional Saturdays), from 8am to 5pm. Then I used to attend classes from 5:30-8:30pm and hence have no life, but horaay! I’m done with classes. Anyway, I never have time during the day to carry out errands such as picking up my ATM Card, picking my NHIF card (since it’s been a month since I applied) or any other tasks that need attending during working hours.

I stumbled upon this site, dash2do.com and liked their concept immediately. In addition to running errands, here are the other services they offer:

I was interested in an errand runner, so I signed up, clicked on the verification link and went back to the site to log in. The firs thing you have to do is top up your account with some money which you will use to pay the errand runner or for whatever service. You can top up using a VISA/Mastercard (most ATMs nowadays have VISA) or Paypal (it’s very easy to carry get a paypal account).

Topping up your account

I needed someone to pick up my ATM Card from Imperial Bank in Upperhill, and was working at Kilimani. The person needed to come to where I work to pick a note authorizing the bank to give them my card. What you do is you describe the errand, and how much you are willing to pay for it. The amounts are in dollars but they are converted to your local currency. If there is an errand runner near your area who is willing to take it up, they confirm via text, are assigned the task and you get a message telling you who the assignee is.

The text message telling me who the errand has been assigned to

My errand was assigned to one Jane who called me five minutes later, picked my note and about an hour after that she delivered my ATM Card.

The delivered ATM Card resting nicely on my laptop at work!

I was quite satisfied with their service and would not hesitate to use them again when need arises. Try it out and share your experience.