AFC Leopards Branded Jackets

If you watch news or read the Daily Nation newspaper, or are a football fan, or you are on social networks like facebook and twitter, then you have heard of the launch of the ‘Toklezea na Jalee‘(!!!) promotion where Daily Nation has partnered with AFC Leopards and some other club to offer a limited edition of branded jackets to the fans.

Our Captain, Martin Imbalambala, on the right with some other (unimportant) people in their green jackets. Image from

As a football fan, it’s always my passion to have branded merchandase. I do have a number of home and away replicas, some t-shirts and Ingwelets tops. I also have a neckpiece (that I’m always misplacing), a wristband (that people always take from me) and a badge reading “AFC Leopards 2012 KPL Champions”. So now I can’t wait to get a hold of this jacket:

The front of the jacket. Blue has always been a favorite colour of mine.

Now, this deal jacket is ‘exclusive’ meaning you should grab your opportunity to get the jacket now. Here is how:

For a period of three weeks starting from August 30th, the Nation newspaper will carry a discount coupon in the sports section of the Daily Nation, of which fans will collect 7, present them together with Kshs.3,500 cash in order to secure an exclusive jacket. The coupons and cash may be presented at key Nation offices countrywide.

And now, presenting the back of the jacket:

The back of the jacket

12% of proceeds from the sale of each jacket will go directly to our great football club. For fans of other football clubs like Sofapaka, Mathare United, Ulinzi Stars etc, they may have to wait for a while but their jackets are also on their way.

As for me, of course nimetoklezea! Pictures taken with my Galaxy S III to be posted later 🙂

Youth Issues? It’s an Endless List!

First of all, we need to stop calling 50 year olds and older middle-aged men “youth”. Yes they have their issues too but majority of the Kenyan population are youth, now this age group is wide and as wikipedia says, “Definitions of the specific age range that constitutes youth vary”.


Youth issues are many today, from unemployment, to drug and substance abuse, to education or lack thereof. Which brings me to The Space. The Space begun as an initiative to bring about a conversation with youth from all over Kenya on social issues affecting them, the impact of PEV, and civic participation. This birthed workshops, festivals revolving on these themes and THE SPACE TV was born. Though season 1 is over (it aired at 6pm Sat on NTV), they are still engaging with the youth online to ascertain the impact of the TV show and to also continue discussions on Leadership, National Identity, Ethnicity and Responsible Citizenship. Hosted by Karen (Kaz) Lucas and Mwafrika, the show is fun and full of surprises.


This to me seems to be the biggest issue facing the youth in Nairobi today. How to survive day by day without a (stable) source of income. Most come to Nairobi from the rural areas with hopes of landing lucrative jobs only to end up spending days in casual labour that pays about Ksh 300 a day, if you are lucky. It’s easy to join crime or to be recruited to join political gangs.

It’s not an easy road for the formally educated either. We finish university with high hopes and celebrate our graduations like we’re still the first people from our villages to have a degree. A very high percentage of graduates remain unemployed or work in jobs that have nothing to do with what they learned in university. The pay is always low and motivation is lacking.

Meme from

Self-employment is not a bed of roses, many will tell you. I know a few friends who went that way after graduation and most of them had to fold up and seek formal employment. Some have succeeded though and we can learn from those who’ve made it and also from the mistakes of those who didn’t. Sometimes the timing is not right, or the funds are not available, or the business idea is not viable.

Whatever your current state of (un)employment, it is important to define your values so you avoid being taken advantage of by unscrupulous people or to fall into the menace of drug abuse in your idle time. There is a lot one can do in their spare time, maybe it’s time to see what other talents you may have.

Drug and Substance Abuse

I know a number of people who spend most of their salary on alcohol and by mid-month they are borrowing for fare to work. Alcohol must be the most abused drug because well, it’s legal. People should enjoy themselves, but always remember that moderation is key.

Image from

Leadership or Lack Thereof

It’s not a secret that we don’t really have the kind of leadership we would want but it’s up to us to elect leaders we want instead of just complaining and whining. We should also vie for these leadership positions at various levels, although lack of funds may be a hindrance to most people.

Of the Constitution

With the coming of county governments, a lot will change in this country. The focus will not be just on Nairobi alone, but also be on county headquarters. Many are unaware of how this change will affect them so it’s time for you to do research!

Okay, so far I feel as if I have been giving advice and lecturing instead of one of those meaningful discussions. So how we hear your side of the story? What issues are affecting you?

You can discuss these on The Space on


WordCamp Kenya 2012 is Here!

WordCamp is an informal gathering of WordPress enthusiasts, bloggers, podcasters, developers and designers. The event will bring all these people together, under one roof, for 2 days. November 10th and 11th at Maanzoni Lodge, Mombasa Road. As Kenya gets close to the first general elections after the 2008 violence, the online community needs more than ever to embrace positive and responsible engagement. This will be the theme for this year’s WordCamp Kenya 2012.

WordCampKenya 2012

For those who did not attend WordCamp last year, I can tell you you missed a lot of fun and learning. It was held at Fisherman’s Camp in Naivasha around the same time.

With time, I will blog about the topics, the speakers, and the interactive sessions that will definitely characterize this year’s WordCamp. I can’t wait.

Grab your tickets online here.

Each WordCamp Kenya 2012 ticket admits one person and covers the following:

Meals for 2 days during the conference
Soft drinks during the conference
WordCamp Kenya T-Shirt
2 day Conference
Lodge accommodation (Each room has 2 beds, 2 persons per room)
Return transport from Nairobi city center to Maanzoni Lodge For All Erands, Drivers and Everything In Between

I have been having very busy days of late. I work Monday to Friday (and the occasional Saturdays), from 8am to 5pm. Then I used to attend classes from 5:30-8:30pm and hence have no life, but horaay! I’m done with classes. Anyway, I never have time during the day to carry out errands such as picking up my ATM Card, picking my NHIF card (since it’s been a month since I applied) or any other tasks that need attending during working hours.

I stumbled upon this site, and liked their concept immediately. In addition to running errands, here are the other services they offer:

I was interested in an errand runner, so I signed up, clicked on the verification link and went back to the site to log in. The firs thing you have to do is top up your account with some money which you will use to pay the errand runner or for whatever service. You can top up using a VISA/Mastercard (most ATMs nowadays have VISA) or Paypal (it’s very easy to carry get a paypal account).

Topping up your account

I needed someone to pick up my ATM Card from Imperial Bank in Upperhill, and was working at Kilimani. The person needed to come to where I work to pick a note authorizing the bank to give them my card. What you do is you describe the errand, and how much you are willing to pay for it. The amounts are in dollars but they are converted to your local currency. If there is an errand runner near your area who is willing to take it up, they confirm via text, are assigned the task and you get a message telling you who the assignee is.

The text message telling me who the errand has been assigned to

My errand was assigned to one Jane who called me five minutes later, picked my note and about an hour after that she delivered my ATM Card.

The delivered ATM Card resting nicely on my laptop at work!

I was quite satisfied with their service and would not hesitate to use them again when need arises. Try it out and share your experience.

The Shoe Story, and Kiwi’s Role In It

Hebu jitokeze, jionyeshe, simama, mbele ya watu. Kiwi hung”arisha, huboresha, hudumisha… *something something* Naenda kupata mng’aro wa kipekee…

Do you remember that Kiwi ad years ago that used to start like that? It takes me back to my primary school days. My dad taught my brothers and me how to polish our shoes. First you wipe them clean of all dust (or mud), then you let them dry naturally in the shade. When dry, you puff them with the brush, then apply Kiwi (and no other brand I’ve ever used since) evenly all round. Finally, the polishing part, the part where you make them shine until you can see your reflection! Even Rudisha said it, wakati mtu anapong’arisha viatu vyake, si viatu pekee vinavyong’ara (well, said with an Olympic champion’s accent!). Nevertheless, Rudisha cleans up well in a suit! And he has a lovely smile.

Rudisha with his gold medal. (Photo: Reuters)

I went to boarding school in my last few years of primary school and I always looked forward to the 4 o’clock bell announcing the end of lessons (or was it the 5 o’clock bell?). End of classes meant most kids left for games, but I was never an athletic type so I would change into slippers instead and sit on top of my metal box and shine my shoes for the following day. Although I never got the award for the neatest girl at the end of the term, I’d be sure to get one or two academic awards and my shining shoes would do me justice.

Fast track to my high school days and although the shining was much less vigorous, it was still there. These days, I hardly own any shoes that need polishing, except one pair for which I do those polishing booths in town once in a while.

Everyone can be defined by the shoes they wear. The toddler in those cute Bubblegummers, the nursery school kid with his first pair of leather shoes shined by his mother/elder siblings that show he’s cared for, the primary school kid who shines her own shoes so she can stand proud at parade the next day, the teenager with his ugly, brightly coloured Supras (I think they are called that) thinking he looks super cool, the lady in red with her black stilettos elegantly swaying to her car (or teetering dangerously to her stage), the gentleman in a suit with the well polished classy shoes…

A shoe can tell a story. A leather shoe can tell no story without Kiwi in it! It’s been around for years now, and with its consistent quality it will be for years to come and I hope to have the privilege of teaching my kids how to shine their first pair of leather shoes with Kiwi.

Divas4Tech :: Young Women Empowering Girls From Marginalized Areas

Reblogged from TechArtPoetry

Women empowerment has been a term that sometimes has been used loosely in many circles but a group of ladies are trying to do exactly what that statement really insinuates. Divas4Tech is a group of ladies who are reaching out to young girls outside the urban centers to provide an opportunity for them to understand the opportunities they can exploit in Technology and mentor these girls with regards to the same.

Team Member during an outreach Project in Siaya, Kenya

Many of the young girls in Rural Kenya have been neglected and lack role models and mentors that girls in Urban Kenya have the luxury of interacting with and these young women are providing an opportunity for these girls to be afforded the same. The group seeks to partner with women professionals to assist in carrying out their agenda. The task of women empowerment is one that every woman in Tech should in their small way contribute to and it is amazing that these ladies have taken up the challenge.

Check out Divas4Tech on our website and support us! Yeah, I’m a @diva4tech


We’ve been in involved in this Divas4Tech project for a while, and we are now taking off the ground, as it were. If you wanna join us, do not hesitate to do so!

Quick Hits: Here and There

First of all, I want to apologize for not having blogged for the past two weeks. These two weeks have just been a blur, had to do exams, settle down at a new job (get your deals at and focus on getting the proposal for master’s thesis ready to be approved which is not as easy as it sounds.

Okay, here are some things I may have wanted to write about but haven’t had time yet:

Mobile Entertainment Africa

Mobile Entertainment Africa is a conference takes takes place on the 29th and 30th of August at the 5-star One&Only Hotel in Cape Town and will give attendees the opportunity to gain and exchange knowledge surrounding maximising the entertainment opportunities on handheld devices in Africa.

The event is organized by All Amber, the same guys who organized Mobile Web East Africa that was held in Nairobi some time in February.

Check out the website for more.

AFC Leopards’s Match to Glory

After we stumbled towards the end of the first leg of the Kenya Premier League, we recovered our form and we are currently on top of the KPL table with 41 points although Tusker FC are second at 36 points with two games in hand. I however, firmly believe this league cup is ours for the taking, that is why we snobbed side tournaments like the Top 8, handing our enemies, Gor Mahia, a walkover. However, the reason we didn’t attend the match is because the security of fans wasn’t assured (so I’m told, let’s not debate this).

We acquired Paul Were from Tusker FC and Floribert Ndayisaba, a Burundian, to boost our midfield and so far we can’t complain. We set a new record for KPL transfer when we bought (I always feel this buying players thing sounds like human trafficking) Ndayisaba for Ksh 1.3 million.

Paul Were at a game in Kisii town where we played SoNy sugar and we won 1-0. He set up the goal for Mang’oli to score.

Our next game is against Thika United on Sunday 12th August, 2012 at Nyayo at 3pm. You are invited. And yes, I’m still attending matches, for those who thought this is just a temporary phase 😉 Football is forever.

Lastly, I leave you with a comic to make your evening. Looks like I’m back from my hiatus.

Comic: How To Take Care of Your Baby- From FB.

Someone might need this