What I don’t Miss About JKUAT

I loved spending my undergraduate years in JKUAT. However, the first day of the semester was a headache. You had to contend with long queues, which quickly became uncontrollable crowds. You had to deposit school fees at the bank, then come with the deposit slip to the students’ finance office with it as proof of payment. From there you could then register for the new semester, book rooms, etc.

Fighting through the crowd to finally get to the cashier was not easy! Usually if you are a girl you gave a boy classmate to do the dirty work for you! And with heroic tactics, these guys were creative in finding ways to the front! This also happened just before exams, when you had to be cleared by the finance department before you can sit for your exams.

I’ll leave you with like three pics, see for yourself. I got the pics from FB, so if you’re the one who took them, thank you for allowing me to use them. You wouldn’t say no, would you?

Jack Bauer has nothing on this guy!

Here’s another one..

See what you can do with a little cooperation?

From another angle..

Oh those days!

  • Warhia

    Wait. For real??

    • Anonymous

      For real.

  • Karole Mwangi

    hehehehe..i surely dnt miss that…

    • Anonymous

      It was adventure on its own.. those first days!

  • Very resourceful! — though I’m not sure I’d appreciate it if I were next in line after waiting a long time! As you say, it’s mostly men who enjoy such competition 😉

    • Anonymous

      True.. the problem with the queues is that they tended to turn into chaos too quickly!

  • Ken

    frustrating esp if u were about to be served and the cashiers decided to go for lunch/ close for the day. They had an excuse for this ‘the network is down’

    • Anonymous

      Oh that network is down excuse drove me crazy!

  • kumbe am not the only one who did time at that place…

  • Sonko

    this was a big shame! what about queues in the mess? some guys like agutu (who i understand is a lecturer there nowadays) could “kata line” just to buy 26-chapo mbili na beans……hope this changed coz it really pissed me off

    • Anonymous

      I doubt it has changed.. don’t know this Agutu guy but it’s a shame ’cause CMB never runs out..!

  • The picture of the guy on the first photo….

    • Anonymous

      Spiderman got nothing on him!

  • Elizabeth Kemuma

    What about the MEDICAL line thats there for all the first years(mostly JAB)…nightmare

    • Anonymous

      Oh that queue was so lonnnnggggggg, spiraling and snaking around..!

  • Kipjohn2

    hahahhaaaa….I can”t believe I missed this. This should be in humour. Goodness gracious.

    • savvykenya

      I should edit it to reflect humour for sure!

  • Eva Kitheka

    looks too familiar..still have to deal with this for a number of years to come. hmph.

    • savvykenya

      Enjoy if you can 🙂

  • Kevokimaru

    Just finished my studies at JKUAT and boy everyone hates the Finance state at that campus……totally agree that is something i wont miss too

    • savvykenya

      JKUAT is a special place to study in.. but the finance department is the worst!

  • Benski8

    It indeed worries that a world class institution of this calliber has this to offer. Disorder! What a shame?

    • savvykenya

      Case in point, you spelling caliber as calliber!

  • KibGeff

    ITS olmost exam tme i don want @ recall about financeeeeeee.simply it s….ks 2 dyness

    • savvykenya

      I hope you managed to sort out your finance issues before exams! All the best..

  • deksgonenuts

    Same case everywhere, nkt!

  • Caroline Moses

    hehehe,i am about to join…i atleast hav a clue of what awaits me. Forewarned is forearmed!