The Kenya Premier League Ends

The final KPL matches of the 2011 season were played on Saturday afternoon. Tusker are the new KPL Champions (that’s old news I know!) Ulinzi are the runners up, followed by Sofapaka. Some random team is fourth and the mighty AFC Leopards finished the season in 5th place! What a turnaround in the second leg of the season where we never lost a single match!

The last match for AFC Leopards was against KCB. I turned out in my Rio Tinto (official jersey) to witness the match at City Stadium. That was my first time there and its location doesn’t inspire safe thoughts! At least while inside the stadium you feel safer!

Kick off at 2pm

This is what someone wrote of City Stadium: come Sato and you’ll get a shocker of your life! If you cant stand those creepy insects like ants, grasshoppers and the like,then book yourself at the VIP coz terrace space is limited and underneath, guys pee at will and the remaining space is dominated with overgrown grass. it’s a miracle we haven’t had even a single snake bite so far.

This however did not prevent Ingwe fans from coming out in large numbers… in fact, KCB management that normally charges about kshs. 50 bob for their tickets sold them at Kshs. 200. VIP tickets were going for Kshs. 400 bob. KCB being the home team made a killing, a shame it had it to be from AFC fans because I saw no KCB fans!!

From the very young…

Will he grow up to play for AFC, Liverpool and the Harambee Stars? I hope so!

To the almost-old and once-famous Basset Buyuka (I hope that’s the spelling)…

Basset Buyuka circled.. he was once an anchor on NTV. Don't know what he's up to these days. He never misses a match! I remember meeting him at the airport going for the match that was played in coast against Mbaraki FC

I think The Nation Media Group is starting a Kiswahili paper focused on sports and they had distributed free copies to fans in the stadium. That’s what everyone in that pic up there is busy reading. It’s weird reading sports news in Kiswahili! Anyway, my point is, why are people reading papers instead of watching the match?!

After the match that ended 0-0, some AFC players removed their jerseys and threw them into the crowd. I was too far away to scramble for one!

So Mike Baraza might be on the move to a club in Malaysia and Saturday was his last match at AFC Leopards. It’s heartbreaking to let him go but we wish him all the best! Fans mobbed him after the match for autographs, if you’re a girl he signs on the back of your jersey! If you are a guy you removed your shirt and thrust it in his face!

Mike Baraza signing autographs .. his shirt long gone. Now hanging in someone's house somewhere

I can’t wait for the next season of Ingwe football!

Over the 100K views mark!!

The stats as of today

When I started this blog at the beginning of the year, my aim was to reach 100,000 page views by the end of the year! Looks like I’ve already hit my goal!

These are actual page views, and most likely not unique as most of my blog readers are regulars. Thanks for reading! Here’s to a million hits someday.

Operation Smile :) Update

For those of you who have been following this blog, you know I have been running a social media campaign to try and raise Kshs. 150, 000 (about $1500) get jaw surgery for my friend. I am calling it Operation Smile πŸ™‚

So far, with your help, I have managed to raise Kshs. 52, 480. This is about a third of the actual amount needed.

I have decided to inquire if it is possible for the hospital to treat him with the initial deposit of Kshs. 52, 480 and then while we worry about the remainder of the bill he will already have his smile.

I do realize that this Harambee Model is not very sustainable. You cannot have people contributing for causes all the time, it gets tiring. For me, it is emotionally draining, always wondering if you will succeed, always picturing the consequences of failure, always looking for new ways of appealing to people (and this is the part I hate most, the part where I have to ask for help. It’s not that I’m a proud person it’s just that it takes a strong person to admit they need help).

Image courtsey of Supersport

When I started this campaign, everyone was thinking it will be easy breazy. I mean I got a lot of friends online, right? Well, somehow those whom I thought were my closest friends on social media have been the most quiet. Isn’t that the way it is in real life too?

Tomorrow I shall make a visit to where he lives, my friend Maoga from this post. I haven’t seen him since that hospital visit but I hope he is fairing on well. Hard to do that without a jaw, I know. I’ll be going there with some students from Norway who are making a documentary about ‘a Kenyan Girl’ and I’m er.. the star of the show πŸ™‚ Operation Smile will be one of their highlights.

Anyway, my question is one, have you contributed? My strategy is simple, if 500 people each MPESA Kshs. 200 to the number 0727832685, then we have Kshs. 100,000 which is the remainder of the money. What are you waiting for, let’s get this guy his smile back! πŸ™‚

eHealth Kenya App

So the Ministry of public health and Sanitation and the Ministry of Medical services developed a master facilities listing. There are about 8,000 health centers in Kenya. This includes private and public hospitals, personal clinics, dispensaries etc.

I have made a Java ME mobile application, so all of you with Nokia phones can download and run it. I will make Android/iOS/Windows later. Blackberry is too old school so I’m gonna ignore it πŸ™‚

Image from

With the app, you can view the facilities by county, constituency, or by the services offered. You can also search for a specific health center by name. It’s pretty much intuitive to use so let me hear your feedback.

eHealth Kenya mobile app

Download the app from the links I shall give you below:


Make sure you download them to the same folder. After that, have fun with the app πŸ™‚

P.S. You can now download straight from your phone or from your computer.

Day Two of WordCamp

Read about Day One

WordCamp Kenya 2011 was definitely worth it! The second day had presentations from the likes of Anthony Mwangi on the use of WordPress as a CMS, not just a blogging platform. Boniface Mwangi, one of Kenya’s best photographers, showed us some thought-provoking (raw images) of post election violence scenes. His aim is to inspire discussion around good leadership and getting us to get online talk into real life action.

Wamathai and KenyanPoet then talked about poetry and their experiences. In the next POWO (POets and Writers Online) meeting on November 19th at iHub, the blogger Wanjohi wa Kigogoine will be there. I shall turn up if only to see how he looks like πŸ™‚

There was a lot of discussion on bloggers and ethics, politicians and social media etc. All good things come to an end and I’ll just leave you with some pictures from Crayfish Camp in Naivasha.

A view of the green landscape we drove through

A view of Mt. Longonot (looks like Longonot to me πŸ™‚

A section of the crowd that attended WordCamp! The turnout was great!

More people at the campsite ...


Fisherman's camp is a beautiful place this time of the year

WordCamp Kenya: Tales From Naivasha

I’m a sucker for free stuff, especially free wifi. That’s one of the reasons I turned up for WordCamp Kenya that’s happening at Naivasha. It’s not the reason I’m currently having the time of my (blogging) life though *because I’m still waiting for that free wifi, it’s like chasing the wind trying to connect to that Crayfish Wifi*

First of all, Crayfish is a beautiful place at this time of the year. The grass has never been greener. The people, never friendlier. The presentations, never deeper. The sessions have been engaging.

The conference opened with a presentation from the ICT board of Kenya; the board is tasked with transforming Kenya into an ICT hub, inline with Vision 2030. I remember someone once tweeting, do we have to wait until 2030 to see the results of this vision?

Moses Kemibaro then talked about his blogging journey, a very interesting one at that! I don’t want to go into details because those who missed his talk need to feel they missed πŸ™‚ He concluded with the statement, BLOG what you love, LOVE what you blog. Need I say more?

The questions flowed freely, the talks got more thought provoking and I realized we were not here just to have fun (hey it’s Naivasha!) we’re here to make a difference. We can be the change we’re looking for.

Francis Waithaka talked about S.E.O. , Social Media, WordPress & Blogging; I was impressed by, dukaPress who started a shopping cart on the WordPress platform and now have a number of themes under their belt.

Njeri Rionge (you had better Google her) then led an open session on realistic revenue models around African Blogging and one thing came out clear, if we need to be taken seriously as bloggers, we need to change our tone to a more serious one. Oh boy there was a lot discussed, this post would not do it justice! If you can find Njeri talk to her. I must warn you, she charges by the hour: 225. Dollars. πŸ™‚

Angela Oduor of Ushahidi talked about how they’ve integrated WordPress into their ecosystem. I tried getting her to notice my Ushaidi tshirt that I had on to no avail πŸ™

Day one came to a close, conference-wise. The night only just begun, we had excellent meals throughout the day, interacted (and flirted he he) with one another, walked to the lake, listened to poetry, indulged in eabl products, discussed some more, settled into our tents and hoped mosquitoes would not drain our blood, if it did not freeze from the cold!

Day Two is here with us, the sun is shining brilliantly and I wish this wasn’t the last day of the conference!

P.S. Pictures later, I’m blogging from my phone!


I’m still running operationsmile πŸ™‚ Day 11. I’m running a social media campaign to help a young man get jaw surgery. The aim is Kshs. 150,000. About Kshs. 100,000 more to go. Will you help? It’s simple, if 500 people MPESA (to 0727832685) 200 each? Are you among them? πŸ™‚

#OperationSmile :) Day 9: WooHoo! It’s a Milestone

Today is the 9th of my online campaign to try and raise Kshs.150,000; the amount needed for a young man to have surgery to replace his lower jaw.

Today we hit the 1/3rd mark! 33.333*%! I feel optimistic, like a humming bird you and I are doing the best we can!

Raising 51,970 couldn’t be done without the help of you who is reading this!

Here’s the math: if 500 people each MPESA 0727832685 Kshs 200 (aboout $2.5) we have 100,000! The remaining amount to reach the target!

Most likely if you are reading this you are among the 500 who have already given, or have made a mental note to. Though I feel blessings are not mine to evoke, Que Dieu Vous Benisse (I think!)

Spread the word to the other 500 πŸ™‚ Let’s give this guy his smile back!

WordCamp Sessions

So Wordcamp Kenya is happening this weekend at Naivasha. It’s not too late to get your ticket if you really wanna come. There are many reasons why you should attend, so get your ticket here.

What Exactly is Going to Happen There? Some of the Presentations Include:

  • WordPress as a CMS: Presented by Anthony Mwangi
  • Monetization of Your Blog: Presented by Njeri Rionge & Luca Neghesti

  • The WordPress E-Commerce Equation: Presented by Kelvin Jayanoris
  • Lyrical Artistry, Poetry & WordPress: Presented by James Wamathai & Njeri Wangari
  • The African Blogging Journey: Presented by Moses Kemibaro
  • Integration of WordPress Into Your Organizations’s Ecosystem: Presented by Angela Oduor

And many more.. for the full list, please see here.

Why We Love to Hate Successful People

It is true, there is a scientific explanation as why we hate them. Publicly we adore them, we worship them. But given a chance we’d love to take their place. I read Dr. Chris Hart’s column in SN; he once talked about why we relish the fall from grace of rich and successful people. Survival of the fittest. If the fittest fall, then maybe we can take their place and our chances of survival are higher.

If for instance all you have is a Diploma from Kenya Poly (I think it’s a university now, Kenya Polytechnic University? Shouldn’t they drop the polytechnic then since it’s upgraded to a uni? Kenya uni? I digress). I have nothing against a Kenya Poly graduate but I’m just saying its academia status is not the same as say, that of UoN. It’s understandable to hate on UoN students.

image from

Enter the world of cyber bullies. It’s easy to be anonymous on the internet. Your name is Francis? How about you just call yourself Frankie. Then rant all you want, all day every day. I just think it is sad to kill any minute hint of creativity you might have had on talking NEGATIVELY about people.

If you are on twitter you can have hate tweets directed at you all day, telling you to go back to facebook, telling you you are stupid, fat and ugly, slutty and cheap, ghetto etc. Sometimes you are forced to go to facebook and get the pic with the most likes, the one portraying your thinnest self in the most sexy way, and prove to the haters that you are indeed beautiful.

But you see, haters don’t care about the truth. It’s never about the truth but about the glee we get from hating on beautiful successful people. No one will stop having their fun to go dig for the truth.

So hold your head high, the wave of bullying will move onto the next victim. You need to know what and believe in yourself so that idiots don’t sway your opinion of yourself.
@Juuchini has written a survival guide: beat cyber bullies at their own game.

ION: OperationSmile Day 8: Keeping Hope Alive

I am running a social media campaign to help a young man replace his jaw. I am still far short of the target of Kshs. 150,000. In fact, we are about (takes out calculator (33,312/150,000)*100) 22.208% into the target. But I shall not give up. You know why?

Sometimes good things happen to good people. Sometimes the good guys win. Sometimes there are happy endings. Sometimes someone will read this and actually respond. Help me make operation smile a happy ending by being one of the 1,000 people to give Kshs. 200 towards this operation. As I said before, 200X1000? Do the math.

Since we’re remaining with Kshs. 116,688.. only 583.44 people need to spare a 200bob and we’re good to go!

Donations can be sent via MPESA to the number 0727832685. Alternatively, the money can be sent through Western Union, just email me for details! Let’s do this!