Garage 48 Nairobi Winners

The Garage 48 event as I explained in my earlier post is an event where people come with ideas and implement them (or at least functional prototypes) in 48 hours. The event was held at Strathmore University and there were a total of 10 teams that were registered.

Garage 48 participants at the Strathmore Auditorium code away.

Overall Winner: Kamata Cab

It’s an application that enables you to search for a cab and depending on your location gives you a number of recommended cabs that you can take.

twitter: @kamatakab

Funniest App: Mistari

This was an app for pick-up lines. I hope to check it out soon. Maybe I can give those lines a try.. just to see if they work for girls trying to interest boys too!

Twitter: @mistariapp

People’s Choice: KuzaBiz

I think this depended on voting on Facebook. From what I understood this app provided not only financial solutions but also advise to enable people to grow their businesses.

Twitter: @Kuzabiz

Best Implemented App: Routify

This app was mapping traffic routes in Nairobi, so you can decide which is the best route to your destination. I hope they can release a downloadable version soon!


Mcalc – Best Public Service

Hi the Mcalc is a multi platform application;mobile web,desktop and j2me.Its designed to meet the needs of the average farmer all the way to top NGO’s. The application will help new and upcoming farmers to make the best decision about how to optimize their farms.It will also be an information portal that will also provide NGO’s with the latest statistics.

My Award: We Are Open

Okay so I was at the event for a day and checked out the applications. All were good.. but sometimes because of time and presentation, it means different results than those expected.

So this app tells you of the open places around you.. imagine it is a Sunday morning and you need an open pharmacy, or Sunday evening and you need an open barber shop, or it is 3am and you’re so hungry.. etc.

Twitter: @WeAreOpen48

Worth Mentioning: AfricanHands (an app that markets local crafts) and Julisha ( a notification app though I think they needed to redefine their scope and focus on one area)

The other applications were Darasani (a fun tool for sharing knowledge that supports multiple classroom activities) and Afya Bora (a mobile application that allows users to send health related queries to a short code and receive a response from a medical officer)

As you can see, there were five winners and I have awarded and mentioned the other five, therefore everyone is a winner!


The world mourns the loss of yet another one of its revolutionary leaders, just recently Wangari Maathai and Dr. Grace Ogot left us(she of The River And The Source novel). RIP Steve Jobs. Maybe someday I will finally own a Mac Air. Someday.

The 1% Flying With The Cheetahs Event at Nairobi

This past Saturday (September 30th), Nailab at Ngong Road, Nairobi, was the venue of the 1% Event. The event was held in other areas simultaneously- Kampala, Amsterdam, Cape Town, Buea, Ramallah, London and Cairo. The idea for running with the cheetahs originated from a Ted Talk where the cheetah generation was labeled as the young people seen in cafes in Nairobi who had things going on and put into movement (check out this blog about one such cheetah, @smusyoka).

The 1% club is an international organization whose members dedicate 1% of their resources, be it skill, time or money, to help solve society’s problems. If you have a solution they can hook you up with funds to carry out your project.

The cheetahs hard at work at the Nailab. The screens around the room streamed videos live from the other venues where the event was happening simultaneously. A really connected world we live in.

During the event at Nailab, a number of cheetahs who were invited were presented with problems that we face today and challenged to come up with solutions by the end of the day. These included dealing with the matatu industry, how we can use social media to ensure post election violence is never repeated, how we can improve education in our schools; and for the tech team, how to process data gathered from SMS surveys into nice looking reports. At the end of the day, each team gave a presentation of the solution.

The solutions were creative and practical; let’s hope they will be implemented with time.