Bragging Rights: First Class Honours

If there is anything getting a first class honours degree has given me, it is bragging rights! This being July, my graduating month, allow me to bask in this moment. The graduation ceremony is on Thursday the 28th, and so tomorrow(Wednesday) is rehearsal. Whenever I’ll be meeting my comrades (fellow graduands) I’ll wait for them to say “Second class, upper division honours” before pausing dramatically and saying “first class honours baby!”

I had dreamed of this blogpost over and over again. I had the perfect title for it: Yeah Baby, First Class Honours! I was going to put a picture of myself in the graduation cap and gown, starting straight into the camera, looking beautiful, solemn and intelligent at the same time. Ha well, dreams change!

Graduation gown, hood, cap

Graduation gown, hood, cap

In the seven months since I finished my undergraduate degree in computer science (on Dec 17th, 2010), I have been up and about.

I spent most of the first 3 months of 2011 in Rwanda, where I worked with a small INGO in the Northern Province where I had the pleasure of meeting President Paul Kagame. I made many friends there, and when I get time I hope to go back and visit.

I came back to Kenya in mid-March and like most of my former classmates, asked myself what it was I really wanted to do. I applied for a number of jobs/internships and did one interview. I knew I wanted to travel and I later got an internship with a research institution based in Nairobi but with offices in Ethiopia and I was going to go there for a month. But then something else happened and I had to put that on hold.
I got a scholarship to do a master’s degree at the Safaricom Academy/Strathmore University, starting May this year. That’s what I’ve been up to. It’s a very hands-on kind of course, and I’m loving it.

The course is structured into modules (as opposed to semesters) and we’re currently in the second module. For the past one-an- half months, we had instructors from MIT/MIT-Sloan Business School who taught us both technical and business stuff. If you want to see what we were doing, check out this page. Our project is E-BIMA and we’re still in the early stages of development .

About a month ago, Google called me offering me a software engineering job, but because they realized I’m now back in school, they said an internship offer would still do, where I take 3 months off and then come back to continue my course. I have done two over-the-phone interviews, passed the first one and waiting to hear the results of the second one. If I get the internship it will be the icing on my graduation cake! The perfect graduation present.

I’ll be walking on sunshine during my graduation as my three names are called and I’m conferred with a first class honours degree in computer science.