What To Drink? For The Upcoming Kenyan Lady

So you’re a young lady just out of college. You’re probably still looking for a dream job, but meanwhile the peanuts are trickling in. You can afford to buy yourself drinks whenever you go out. Now the question is, what to take?

Smirnoff Ice is a tired drink... for college girls!

Smirnoff Ices are a college girl’s drink. In fact after a while you get tired of them. Beer is not so tasty, and I’ve heard it gives you a beer belly and we don’t want that now, do we?

So in my short career sampling liquor, here is a few recommendations:


Red wine

Either red or white. I prefer red, white just tastes bland… Wine can also be sweet or dry. Or somewhere in between. If they have no semi-sweet wine ask for the sweet one. Well, I prefer my wine sweet.

Now, don’t ask me about the difference between Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon! Surely you can Google 🙂 You don’t have to be an expert in wines to enjoy them. If you’re at a fancy restaurant, you could always let your date choose the wine, or ask the waiter for recommendations of the unpronounceable names!

If you start a home collection, then you can learn more and come up with your pick. In the meantime, enjoy. One more thing, the wide glass is for red wine, the narrow one for white, and the narrowest for Champagne.

Gin and Tonic

You can never go wrong with this. Make sure you ask for Ice cubes & lemon slices. If it’s not a night out with your best friends, go easy on the gin!

Gin and Tonic... That pic has me salivating already!

Cream Liquors

Amarula.. the spirit that binds us as Africans.. so they say!

Amarula, Baileys etc.

Ask for Ice Cubes and see how they go down smoothly…


Cocktails!.... a girl's best friend!!!

They generally have one or more strong liquors (vodka/gin/tequila/rum/whisky). So as you look at the fancy names of the cocktails, make sure you check out the main ingredient to see if it’s something you are compatible with!

If you’re a techie lady, check out cocktails apps for your phone! Experiment with them at home and see what great combinations you can come up with!

I generally stay away from brown drinks but if you feel you want to ask for Johnnie Walker because it is the most expensive thing on the menu and you’re not the one paying the bill, be my guest!

Make sure to sip slowly though. You’re supposed to savor the slow burning down the throat!

Other options

So you don’t want any of the above? Try Redds. Or Tusker Malt, I heard it’s a ladies’ beer. If you ask me what beer I’d take as a last resort–> I’d toast to Arthur anytime.

For shots, try tequila (but only if you’ve been drinking mild stuff like Redds or water), vodka (so clear!), Zappa (if you like the minty flavour) etc.

As you can see, you have quite a wide range to choose from.

Non-Alcohol Drinkers

I haven’t forgotten you.

Let’s see what can be on your list.. we have water, juice and more juice. Pick your brand. Maybe some energy drinks like Redbull and Fanta Orange (the sugar rush).

Kenya Vs Angola: Africa Cup of Nations Qualifier

So a number of search queries about the Kenya Vs Angola match have hit landed on my blog, and on the old post about the first match played in Kenya.

The Stars won 2-1 back then! It was a thrilling match!

I’ve decided to blog about the latest match, which I watched on TV.

In summary: Angola won 1-0.

Manucho, who at one time was at Man-U.

Harambee Stars, heart-breakers extraodinnaire, went to Angola and took on the Palancas Negras. The match results will eventually determine which between Kenya, Angola, Uganda and Guinea Bissau will make it to the Africa Cup of Nations next year (around January) that will be hosted jointly by Equatorial Guinea and Gabon

They played beautifully. It was Kenyans leading the attack in the first half but they were shooting blanks. The match was at 0-0 half time. We hoped The Stars would be encouraged to give us a goal in the second half.

And by God they scored! Rangers FC forward Kevin Ochieng scored Kenya’s first goal in the 60th minute!

Only it was offside!!

That offside rule needs to be revised, surely…

10 minutes later, Manucho equalized for Angola.

That is how we lost 1-1!

So here are the standings:

1. Uganda- 10 pts
2. Angola- x points
3. Kenya – 4pts
4. Guinea Bissau – 3 pts

Anyway, for us to qualify, we have to beat Uganda away, and GB at home by many goals. Then we stand a chance of competing for the few slots available for the number 2 teams.

If I were you, I wouldn’t start putting up the pieces of my heart together, I can feel heartbreak in the near future.

Maybe in readiness for the 2014 World Cup?