First Class Honours Degree in Computer Science

When I first entered JKUAT, I was determined to get out with a first class honours degree. And I got it! I’ve been walking on air this past week because I’m ecstatic.

What does this mean? It means I get a teaching job at the university as a teaching assistant, a scholarship possibly to do my graduate studies and possibly numerous job offers from top companies with fat cheques. Well, a girl can dream. And I’m definitely a dreamer.


First class honours, sweet, yeah?

First class honours, sweet, yeah?

I dream of going to Oxford or MIT. I’m leaning more towards MIT ‘cause they have this Masters Program: Theoretical Computer Science that I’m interested in. That’s the theory behind computers, did you know that the modern computer was thought of, and worked out theoretically, long before there was technology to actually build one? Charles Babbage thought of the computer (analytical engine) in 1822? So I’ll be among the team of the Charles Babbages of the future, get it? (Btw, Ada Lovelace was his assistant. One of the earliest programming languages was named after her. She’s Lord Byron- the poet-‘s daughter.)

Some students have asked for tips for getting a first class honours degree, the trick is simple, get As in every unit. Aspire to get 90% and if you get 70%, that’s still an A. Get more advice here: Savvy’s Guide for Campus Students.

When I was in first year, I was very enthusiastic, I never missed lessons, I woke up early to study, I read ahead, I did research, I did the homework/assignments, never copied etc. I was good girl.

With time, my enthusiasm wavered. It’s only natural, it’s human to lose interest after a while. I read less, skipped more classes, copied assignments (shhh…don’t tell) but I never copied during CATs or exams.

However, I didn’t let my grades slip and I read a lot towards exam time.

During exams, I slept at least 8 good hours. I’m not a last minute readers, so if I had a paper at 8.30 a.m. I’d wake up at 7.30 a.m., have a good breakfast and head to the exam room.

I didn’t cram (most times), cramming is so high school. I understood first. Then if I wanted to, I could cram later so I could write answers word by word. So even if I forget what I crammed, since I understood, I could recall the answers.

Undergraduate studies are more of recall than reasoning. Lecturers don’t have time to create new questions, every question they ask has been asked before. So do your revision well.

First class honours. I’m still wrapping my mind around that. During graduation, my three names will be read! I can’t wait to go for graduation (which is not until June/July), I had told my classmates I’d come vroom vrooming on a motorbike. I’m taking lessons as I write this.


Well, I dream of something like this.

  • That’s my Alma mater. Muchos congratulations madam.

    Thanks Banttu. JKUAT is a good place for under-grad.

  • Congratulations dear


  • Congrats chica! At mimi sasa nitaanza kusoma nikama natak kuenda Starehe ndio nipate first class

    hakuna Starehe University so just do it wherever you are

    • Ati Kuenda Starehe?

      we all have dreams. Starehe Boys Secondary has the reputation of passing with flying colours.

      • kinda true I’m the only ex Starehe guy who didn’t get a first class in my class!

        Well, the guy from Starehe in my class didn’t get one either so that makes two of you 🙂

  • congratulations on passing with flying colours!

    flying colours, yes. It’s been a while since I heard that expression, thanks

  • Wow now that is Inspiring Le mee now get more Serious with Discrete Structures

    Discrete Structures I and II was one very abstract unit! I enjoyed it though.

    • I also did discrete structures I and 2

      abstract and weird unit, right?

  • So awesome!! Congratulations!! Can’t go wrong with either MIT or Oxford…there’s a big Kenyan population in both cities too.

    thanks. Kenyans are everywhere am sure I’ll be fine. Hope I get in.

  • Congratulations Savvy!!

    thanks Shiko. I need to come to coast so we can celebrate.

  • First Class in CS si mchezo. Congratulations


  • Kimundu Tu

    Congrats Lady. As promised, if u come from Musanze to Chigali, look me up. You can have a maracuja or whatever on me.

    I’ll have whatever on you, thanks very much

  • Congratulations! You, are a star.

    thanks… I long to shine.

  • Charles

    Summa Cum Laude! congrats Savvy!

    Latin for Fist Class Honours? I like.

  • Congratulations! that’s no mean feat, btw feel you on the good student in first year then deterioration towards the end… In the late years used to hand in assignments and reports after exams!

    Btw get on that masters story asap, with your grades it’ll be easy to get good recommendations…

    am planning to do my masters later this year or early next year…

  • Mu Accurate

    Congs. Its no mean achievement by any standard. I also got it too but in Finance. The feeling of accomplishment is too sweet especially noting that it was in a leading African university where no one had scored that in 7 years.
    A KEY factor in attaining such feat is consistency. from year 1 to last put effort in equal measure. Have fun but make sure you do wats right at that particular time. Club go, class, sports, church all but ensure no overdoing. More than necessary is harmful.

    I share similar sentiments… everything at the right place and time.

  • Iquira1

    Congratulations!!!and yes, you should come to Coast to celebrate:O)

    will you be my host? *shamelessly inviting myself*

  • Carol

    congratulations, hope you get a job where you will be happy and where you will keep blogging.

    I’ll keep blogging whether am jobless or unhappy, but merci!

  • I officially hate you. 🙂 How do you get a first class? Congats, congrats, congrats!

    I hate you too.. thanks

  • Awp, you are what we would call “a chop”, back in high school. Congrats! But I still don’t get the motorbike part 🙂

    during graduation, guys will come in borrowed cars to ‘show off.’ I’ll be the only one on a motorbike hence unique, ingenious etc.

  • Congrats dear! You must be so very proud of yourself!! No one can take this away from you. Enjoy and rejoice!

    I’m walking on sunshine.. oh oh… that’s song is playing in my head, thanks.

  • congratulations savvy… so where the party at? 😉

    Thanks. When I do throw the mega-party, you’ll receive an invite for sure!

  • congratulations!!!

    muchas gracias

  • Congratulations Savvy! I wish you the best. You are definitely destined for greatness! *thumbs up!*

    2011 has been an awesome year so far!

  • Punguza maringo unafanya tuskie kiwaru.

  • So it finally yielded fruits? From topping class in 1st year to 1st clas honors!

  • Pat.

    That is my alma mater too… You remind me of the days I spent in ICSIT and those classes on the ground floor!

    Congrats are in order girl. Clearly your going places.. can I come with you?

    I’d love an ICSIT man by my side so yes, you can come with me 🙂

  • ken

    congrats, I dreamed of a 1st class 2 bt I ges I never lived the dream I let it leave me, I’l grad with its successor but lady getting it is not easy nor as hard as pple tend to think, it surely needs commitment n consistency. I’l surely listen 4 ur name during the grad. congrats more

    Thanks Ken. Don’t worry if you never got a 1st class, it’s not the end of life. It doesn’t define who you are or your future successes. See you at graduation!

  • Domnic

    I would love to be in your shoes and know hw it feels. Wen is graduation? am gonna make sure dat i attend it and hear your name being read. CONGRATULATIONS Savvy.

    graduation is in July, end of July. Will definitely announce the date on the blog and you’re welcome to come!

  • thats great especially for a lady.cooooongrats and first year jo!imenibamba.nywai all the best and may GOD open the best of doors for you

    Thanks Pato. I’m representing and inspiring the ladies reading this, I hope!

  • iKab

    Congrats, congrats, congrats, its nice to know its achievable despite the many rumours that getting a first class in C.S never happens. Come July I’ll be waiting to see the girl with the motorbike and more importantly watch as she gets her 1st class honours. Hoping of the same 3 yrs down the line, though I didn’t quite get what Data Structures I was all about. Congrats again Savvy and all the best.

    Data structures is a weird unit.. you’ll get the point years down the line when you’ll be designing a new OS! Or something complex like that. Getting a first class in CS is possible and I wish you the best! and you’re welcome to the graduation ceremony

  • Bob

    Bill Gate, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page are but a few. Try MIT, you will like it! Everyone can do blogs – for someone like you and with that background, innovate something different. Congratulations and keep it up!

    Thanks! Of course it’s my hope that I can start a revolution and change people’s lives forever… for the better of course!

  • Such an inspiring article. Just bumped into your blog from your Twitter handle. I happen to be an Alumni of JKUAT, graduated last year. I always have a feeling that’ I;ll one day study in Standford University. I wanna be a TechPrenur

  • Such an inspiring article. Just bumped into your blog from your Twitter handle. I happen to be an Alumni of JKUAT, graduated last year. I always have a feeling that’ I;ll one day study in Standford University. I wanna be a TechPrenur

    • Anonymous

      Go for your dream!

  • MCA is equivalent to ME (Computer Science and Engineering)

    MCA with B.Sc. (Computer Science) background is equivalent to ME (Computer Science and Engineering).

    B.Sc. Computer Science (3 Yrs) + MCA (3 Yrs) = 6 Years.

    BE Computer Science (4 Yrs) + ME (2Yrs) = 6 Years.

    MCA and ME both are equal.

    Companies are giving equal priority to both MCA and ME.

    Both MCA and ME (Computer Science and Engineering) Professional Degree courses, the contents of theory and practical syllabus are Same.

    MCA and ME degree holders are equal to each other.

  • Pascal


  • win

    I need your advice so badly. I am still in campus. I want that 1st class so bad it hurts.

    • Anonymous

      It’s not advice you need, it hard work 🙂 and you have the right attitude!

  • Biwott Nicholas

    Congrats girl

  • rabera

    well this is many months down the line but it should count…congratulations!!!

    well am proud to be associated with this lady whom we shared a house in high school(TSAVO..eeeh…TSAVO aaah..)…high school memories..
    totally inspiring. be blessed in your future endeveaours.

    • Anonymous

      Well Rabera, thanks! Kottet was awesome!

  • Ednahkoskei

    Good for you and aim higher. You have inspired my 15 computer students from Precious Blood Kagwe class of 2012. SUCCESS

  • sam

    how do you get scholarship? i wana go study also in mit

  • denno

    Congrats Gal,,fruits of your efforts

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  • anto

    i read this article back in 2011 when i was a first year student computer science. i remember being inspired a lot and promised myself that i would work hard to get a first class in compute science. Guess what…? i got it!!, i just graduated last week and i had first class honours in computer science. and yeah it is sweet!!..thanks savvy kenya

    • savvykenya

      Hi Anto, that’s good to hear, congratulations! Feels good to achieve a first class, doesn’t it?